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Consolidated E-Way bill

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What is a consolidated e way bill?

A consolidated e-way bill is a document containing the multiple e-way bills for multiple consignments being carried in one vehicle. Consolidated EWB allows the transporter to carry a single document, instead of a separate document for each consignment in a conveyance.

Validity of consolidated e way bill

Consolidated EWB is like a trip sheet and it contains details of different EWBs in respect of various consignments being transported in one vehicle and these EWBs will have different validity periods. Hence, Consolidated EWB does not have any independent validity period. However, individual consignment specified in the Consolidated EWB should reach the destination as per the validity period of the individual EWB.

How to generate consolidated eway bills online?

User needs to perform the below steps for generating consolidated bill-

Step 1: Visit login page of E Way bill portal and enter valid login credentials.

Step 2: Select ‘ Generate new ’ option under ‘Consolidated EWB ’ tab appearing on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Step 3: In this consolidated e-way bill form,

  • Check the mode of transportation from the given options - Road/Rail/Air/Ship/road cum ship
  • Select ‘From State’
  • Fill ‘Vehicle Starts From’ filed (location from where the vehicle is starting)
  • Enter ‘Vehicle No.'
  • Enter the E-Way Bill Number. Once the EBN is entered the rest of the fields in the form are auto populated.

You can add multiple consignments by clicking on the Add button appearing on the form.

Step 4: Click on "Submit" button. The system will display a consolidated e-Way Bill with the consolidated EBN.

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