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GST Registration in Mumbai

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GST registration is a unique identification number issued to the taxpayer after filing an online application on the GST portal. Any person having a GST number in Mumbai means he is registered under Goods & Service Tax. Registered taxpayers are required to collect tax from customers and deposit it to the Government.

After getting registered under GST, taxpayers in Mumbai are required to:-

  • Charge tax at the applicable rate from customers;
  • Issue taxable invoices as per GST invoicing rules;
  • Collect tax from customers and deposit it to the Government;
  • File required GST returns within the prescribed time.

Who should apply for GST registration in Mumbai?

(1) Any person who is engaged in the supply of goods or services in Mumbai and his aggregate turnover exceeds the applicable GST registration limit.

(2) Inter-state state supplier of goods or services. Eg - Mr. Ganesh supplying goods from Mumbai to Delhi is compulsorily required to take GST registration in Mumbai.

(3) Casual taxable person. For example - Mr. Karan Goenka, a tax consultant, has a place of business in Ahmedabad. He is providing tax consultancy in Mumbai where he does not have a fixed place of business. In the given case, Mr. Goenka is required to take the GST number in Mumbai before providing such services.

(4) Any person who is engaged in the supply of goods and services through an E-commerce platform.

What documents are required to register under GST in Mumbai?

  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Cancelled cheque copy or bank A/c statement
  • Business address proof i.e. rent agreement or property tax receipt/electricity bill
  • MOA, AOA, and certificate of incorporation in case of a company
  • Partnership deed in case of a firm

GST registration fees in Mumbai

The Government website provides a self-registration facility. The applicant will not be required to pay any fees if he applies for registration through the government site. However, the registration process on the GST site is time-consuming and required a large number of information and documents.

GST registration online in Mumbai can be applied at Rs 499 with the help of Tax Gyata experts.

Time limit to apply for GST registration in Mumbai

  • A regular taxpayer shall file a registration application within 30 days from the date on which he becomes liable to registration.
  • A casual taxable person or a non-resident taxable person shall apply for registration at least 5 days prior to the commencement of business.

Penal provisions

if the person is liable to take GST number in Mumbai and the same is not done yet,

  • Tax dues shall be paid with the penalty
  • Tax cannot be collected from customers
  • Input tax credit cannot be availed or transferred
  • Goods or conveyances may be confiscated or detained *

Sample of GST registration certificate

GST registration certificate in Haryana


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