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How to file ITC-03 on the GST portal?

Step 1: Login and Navigate to Form GST ITC-03 page 

1.1. Access the URL. The GST Home page is displayed.

1.2. Login to the GST Portal with valid credentials.

1.3. Click the Services > Returns > ITC Forms command.

1.4. The GST ITC Forms page gets displayed. Click the PREPARE ONLINE button on the GST ITC-03 tile.

1.5. Select appropriate section from the Section drop-down list.


1.5 (a) Section 18.4(a) - Applicable for taxpayers who are opting in for composition scheme. Can be filed only once in a financial year.

1.5 (b) Section 18.4(b) - Applicable for taxpayers whose goods or services or both supplied by them becomes exempt. Can be filed multiple times as and when notification for exemption is issued.

Step 2: File Nil Form GST ITC-03

2.1. File Nil GST ITC-03 page is displayed. Select the File Nil GST ITC-03 checkbox. Click PREVIEW DRAFT ITC-03 to preview the draft of ITC-03 in pdf format.

2.2. Form GST ITC-03 is displayed in pdf format.

2.3. Click PROCEED TO FILE NIL ITC-03 button.

2.4. Click YES.

2.5. Select the checkbox. Select the Authorized signatory from the drop-down list. Click the FILE WITH DSC or FILE WITH EVC button.

2.6. Once the Verification is completed, ARN will be generated and status is changed to Filed. An e-mail and SMS is sent to registered mobile number and e-mail address of the taxpayer. You can click the DOWNLOAD FILED ITC-03 button to download the filed return. You can click BACK to go back to Returns Dashboard page.



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