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How to register a one person company (OPC)?
Incorporation through SPICe (Without filling RUN)
  • Stakeholders can avail of 5 different services (Name Reservation, Allotment of Director Identification Number (DIN), Incorporation of New Company, Allotment of PAN, and Allotment of TAN) in one form by applying for Incorporation of a new company through SPICe form (INC-32) - Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically (SPICe) - with MOA (INC-33), AOA (INC-34).
  • In case of MOA and AOA are not applicable, users are required to attach the pdf attachments of MOA and AOA. There is no need for reserving a name separately before filing SPICe. One name for the proposed company can be applied through SPICe (INC-32).
Incorporation through SPICe (With RUN)
  • Name reservation: RUN service shall be used for name availability.
  • After name approval, form SPICe shall be filed for registration of the OPC within 20 days from the date of approval of RUN.
  • The company shall file form INC-22 within 30 days once form SPICe is registered in case the address of correspondence and registered office address are not the same.
Important points In case of death of member or change in ownership of OPC,
  • The company shall file form INC-4.
  • In INC-4, the user needs to provide details of the new member of the OPC also.
In case the threshold limits are exceeded,
  • OPC has to mandatorily convert itself into private or public company.
  • The OPC shall inform RoC in form INC-5.
  • Form INC-5 shall be filed within sixty days of exceeding threshold limits.
  • Form INC-6 shall be filed by an OPC for conversion of an OPC into a private or public company.
  • Form INC-6 shall be filed within 30 days in case of voluntary conversion and within six months of mandatory conversion


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TaxGyata Team