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How to file ITC-02 on the GST portal?

Easy steps to file Form ITC-02 on the GST portal

Step 1: Visit the login page of the GST portal and enter valid login credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to the Services > Returns > ITC Forms option. The GST ITC Forms page will be displayed.


Step 3: Click the "Prepare Online button" on the GST ITC-02 file. 


  • The FORM GST ITC-02 opens-up.
  • The amounts of matched unused ITC get auto-filled from the transferor’s Electronic Credit Ledger.
  • Transferor may choose to transfer all or partial ITC, as desired. For each major head, the Amount of matched ITC to be transferred needs to be filled by the transferor.

Step 4: Enter the GSTIN of the transferee.

Enter the Amount of matched ITC to be transferred for each major head under the Details of ITC to be transferred section. The entered amount must be less than or equal to the amount of ITC that is shown as available in the Electronic Credit Ledger.


Step 5: Under the section on Particulars of certifying Chartered Accountant or Cost Accountant, the acquired entity (transferor) needs to specify the details of a certificate from a practicing chartered accountant or cost accountant, certifying that the sale / merger / amalgamation / lease or transfer of business has been done with specific provision of the Act and Rules.

Enter the following details:

a). Name of the certifying accounting firm.

b). Name of the certifying Chartered Accountant / Cost Accountant in the certifying firm.

c). Membership number of the certifying firm.

d). Date of certificate issued by the certifying accounting firm.

Attach a scanned copy of the certificate.


  • The attachment should either be in JPEG / PDF format.
  • File size of attachment should not exceed 500 KB.

Step 6: Click SAVE to upload the entered data and the attachment to the GST Portal.


  • The system will display a confirmation upon saving.
  • You can save your application at any time.
  • After saving the FORM GST ITC-02, if you return to this form at a later point in time, all the line items will get auto-populated as they were saved.
  • You can also retrieve the saved FORM GST ITC-02 by navigating to Services > User Services > My Saved Applications.

Step 7: Check the statement box to declare that the furnished information is true and correct.

Step 8: Select an Authorised Signatory from the drop-down, containing a list of authorised signatories that you have configured in the system.

Step 9: File the FORM GST ITC-02 either using the DSC or EVC option.


  • If you choose the DSC option, make sure to sign with the DSC of selected authorised signatory. I
  • f you choose the EVC option, the system will send an OTP on the authorised signatory’s registered mobile phone number, which you’ll be required to enter in a pop-up that appears after selecting this option.
  • This user manual has assumed the EVC path for simplicity.

Step 10: Click PROCEED on the Warning pop-up message.

Step 11: Enter the OTP as received. Click VERIFY.


  • The system will display a confirmation message on successful filing of the FORM GST ITC-02.
  • The confirmation message will also contain the system-generated ARN.
  • In the next stage, the transferee (acquiring unit) of the ITC needs to take an action on your filed FORM GST ITC-02.

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