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Sections & rules related to Section 20

Section 21 - Manner of recovery of credit distributed in excess
CGST Act, 2017

CGST Act Section 21, Where the Input Service Distributor distributes the credit in contravention of the provisions contained in section 20 then the excess credit so distributed shall be recovered from such recipients along with interest

Section 122 - Penalty for certain offences
CGST Act, 2017

CGST act section 122, (1) Where a taxable person commits any of the following offences,he shall be liable to pay a penalty of ten thousand rupees or an amount equivalent to the tax evaded

Rule 39 - Procedure for distribution of input tax credit by input service distributor
CGST Rules, 2017

CGST Rule 39, (1) An Input Service Distributor shall distribute input tax credit in the manner and subject to the following conditions- amount will be distributed using following formula - C1 = (t1÷T) × C