Threshold limit u/s 44B: ITAT Allows Computation Of Turnover Of Intraday Equity Transactions On Net Basis

Applicant/PetitionerAnju Chamaria
RespondentITO (ITAT Kolkata)
Order Date24-Apr-2022
Order Number I.T.A. No. 484/Kol/2020
Honorable CourtITAT Kolkata

Wrong Claim Is Not Intentional and Due To Wrong Advice of CA, ITAT Deletes Penalty

Applicant/PetitionerSLV Housing Development Corporation
Order Date19-Apr-2022
Order Number TA No. 19/Bang/2020
Honorable CourtITAT Delhi

Reassessment u/s 148: Reasons recorded by AO cannot be substituted, added or deleted

Applicant/PetitionerChetna Dilip Doshi
RespondentITO (ITAT Mumbai)
Order Date08-Apr-2022
Order Number ITA No. 5765/Mum./2018
Honorable CourtITAT Mumbai

Corpus donation received by Trust is a capital receipt and not taxable

Applicant/PetitionerVersova Kokni Sunni Jamat Trust
RespondentCentralised Processing Centre (ITAT Mumbai)
Order Date05-Apr-2022
Order Number ITA No. 5905/Mum./2019
Honorable CourtITAT Mumbai

No TDS liability on payment made to Facebook Ireland for advertisement services: Delhi ITAT

Applicant/PetitionerAddl. CIT
RespondentLenskart Solution (P) Ltd. (ITAT Delhi)
Order Date30-Mar-2022
Order Number ITA No. 5760/Del/2017
Honorable CourtITAT Delhi

ITAT delete penalty as Assessee declined claimed under bonafide belief

Applicant/PetitionerLahmeyer Holding GambH
RespondentDDIT (ITAT Delhi)
Order Date23-Mar-2022
Order Number ITA No. 4968/Del/2013
Honorable CourtITAT Delhi

TDS u/s 194A not deductible on interest on enhanced compensation: Delhi ITAT

Applicant/PetitionerLand Acquisition Office
RespondentDCIT (TDS) (ITAT Delhi)
Order Date22-Mar-2022
Order Number ITA Nos. 39, 40 & 41/Del/2021
Honorable CourtITAT Delhi

Routine Business Support Services Can Not Be Taxable As Fees For Technical Services

Applicant/PetitionerMagotteaux International SA, Belgium
RespondentDy. C.I.T, International Taxation, New Delhi
Order Date17-Feb-2022
Order Number ITA No. 1358/DEL/2015 [A.Y 2011-12]
Honorable CourtITAT Delhi

Delay in Employee’s contribution to PF & ESI not entitled to deduction: ITAT Delhi

Applicant/PetitionerVedvan Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Order Date26-Aug-2021
Order Number TA No. 1312/Del/2020
Honorable CourtITAT Delhi

AO should examine the claim of assessee before invoking Section 14A

Applicant/Petitioner Infosys BPM Limited
Order Date23-Aug-2021
Order Number ITA Nos. 492 & 493/Bang/2018
Honorable CourtITAT Bangalore

Membership & legal fee paid to Federation of Indian Mineral Industries is allowable as a Business Expense

Applicant/PetitionerZeenath Transport Company
Order Date18-Aug-2021
Order Number ITA No. 1780-1782/Bang/2018
Honorable CourtITAT Bangalore

iPad is not a Computer and a lower rate of depreciation will apply: ITAT

Applicant/PetitionerKohinoor Indian Pvt. Ltd.
Order Date16-Aug-2021
Order Number I.T.A. Nos. 234 & 316/Asr/2017
Honorable CourtITAT Amritsar

Income Tax: Penalty u/s 271(1)(c) cannot be imposed if vague notice is issued by AO

Applicant/PetitionerAddl. CIT
RespondentAirports Authority of India
Order Date13-Aug-2021
Order Number ITA No.369/Del./2018
Honorable CourtITAT Delhi

Different interpretation by Revenue constitutes a reasonable cause u/s 273B - ITAT Mumbai

Applicant/PetitionerPramod Lele
Order Date12-Aug-2021
Order Number ITA No. 4306/Mum/2019
Honorable CourtITAT Mumbai

Demand of Rs 1576 crore: Mumbai ITAT grants stay order

Applicant/Petitioner Blackstone FP Capital Partners Mauritius
Order Date02-Aug-2021
Order Number SA No. 82/MUM/2021
Honorable CourtITAT Mumbai

RespondentSun Direct TV Pvt. Ltd. (ITAT Chennai)
Order Date01-Jul-2021
Order Number ITA Nos. 2162-2165/Chny/2018
Honorable CourtITAT Delhi

Loss due to forfeiture of earnest money paid for the land is allowable: ITAT

Applicant/PetitionerAssistant Commissioner of Income Tax
RespondentM/s. K.B. Developers
Order Date22-Apr-2021
Order Number I.T.A. No. 26/KOL/2021
Honorable CourtITAT Kolkata

Applicant/PetitionerOm Parkash Nahar
RespondentITO ( ITAT-Delhi)
Order Date01-Apr-2021
Order Number ITA. No. 960/Del/2021
Honorable CourtITAT Delhi