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Who can conduct a raid under Income Tax?

Authorized Income Tax officer will conduct raid if he has a “reason to believe” that

  • A taxpayer has failed to comply with any summons or notices sent to him by the Department or
  • He has in his possession money and such money represents either wholly or partly income or property which has not been disclosed.

Section 132(1) of Income Tax Act empowers the following officers,

  • Principal Director General / Director General,
  • Principal Director / Director,
  • Principal Chief Commissioner / Chief Commissioner,
  • Principal Commissioner / Commissioner,
  • Additional Director / Additional Commissioner,
  • Joint Director / Joint Commissioner

to conduct a tax raid.

Powers of an authorized officer during a raid

The officer authorized to -

(i) Enter and search any building, place, etc. where he has a reason to suspect that the books of account, other documents, money, bullion, jewellery or other valuable article or thing representing undisclosed income is kept.

(ii) Break open the lock of any door, box, locker, safe, almirah if the keys are not available;

(iii) Search any person who has got out of, or is about to get into, or is in, the building, place, vessel, vehicle or aircraft, if the authorised officer has reason to suspect that such person has secreted about any item as mentioned in (i) in above.

(iii) Seize any items as mentioned in (i) above.

Presumptions during raid

Where any item such as books of account, other documents, money, bullion, jewellery found in the possession or control of any person in the course of a search, it may be presumed that:

(i) such item belongs to such person.

(ii) the contents of such books of account and other documents are true.

(iii) any stamped/ signed document is signed/ stamped by such person.

income tax raid

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The income tax department on Tuesday conducted raids at the 40 premises of a real estate builder based in Rajkot. Unaccounted cash of more than Rs. 6.40 crore and jewellery amounting to Rs. 1.70 crore...

Income Tax evasion of Rs 175 crore exposed after raids in Maharashtra & Goa

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